Privée Excellent VIP Lounge
As the largest beer garden in Europe, Megapark is home to VIP lounges of various styles. Be part of the party, for example in the Privée Excellent Lounge, the most exclusive VIP Lounge at Playa de Palma. Enjoy the unique panoramic view in a sophisticated modern ambience, watch the magical dance floor, have a clear view of the giant video cube and the largest LED screens in Europe and let yourself be enchanted by the incomparable, unique party atmosphere!

Privée Excellent Lounge – the champagne lounge in the Megapark.
In the prestigious Privée Excellent Lounge, you will enjoy the party in the modern high-society ambience. In the champagne lounge, you are at the forefront and you can see the gigantic celebration area from your cozy sofas. You are not screened in the Privée Excellent Lounge – the direct proximity to the party is guaranteed, and the enchanting feeling of celebrating thousands of people on the dancefloor is transported directly to the first floor. The place at the front is not only because of the free view of the dance floor, much more you have the best view of the gigantic Video cube! Up to 80 guests can be accommodated in the VIP lounge, which is open from about 5 pm until 1 am. Celebrities from film and entertainment have already visited the VIP Lounge. The Megapark stars also often stop by in front of their live performances.

Trendy meeting place – the Privée Excellent VIP Lounge
The Privée Excellent Lounge is a popular meeting point for all kinds of meetings. In the champagne lounge, friends and colleagues meet in a luxurious ambience. The VIP Lounge offers selected wines and spirits, all stylishly served.
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