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SINCE 2002


The history of megapark on Mallorca

The Megapark consists of 4 areas: the Open Air area, the underground event hall, the VIP Q-Lounge, and the Don Quijote Restaurant with a terrace directly by the sea. The Open Air area is open from early morning until midnight and offers plenty of fun and entertainment. Throughout the day, up to 4 international performances from various genres take place. In the evening, the lower part of the complex opens, offering festival atmosphere with top acts and various shows until the morning.

The Megapark in Mallorca has been synonymous with fun, music, and unforgettable nights on the Balearic island for years. Since its founding in 2002, the Megapark has evolved into one of the most well-known and beloved entertainment complexes in Europe.

2002 - The Birth of Megapark

In 2002, the Megapark in Mallorca was inaugurated, offering a unique blend of live music, DJs, and entertainment for tourists and locals alike from the outset. Located centrally in Playa de Palma, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mallorca, the Megapark quickly drew a large number of visitors.

2000s - Growth and Recognition

Throughout the 2000s, the Megapark experienced continuous growth and gained increasing recognition. International music stars regularly performed at the Megapark, attracting an even broader audience and leading to a surge in visitor numbers. The venue became a hotspot for partygoers from around the world who came to Mallorca to experience the legendary nights at the MegaPark.


2010s - Modernization and Expansion

With the onset of the 2010s, the Megapark invested in modernization efforts and expanded its offerings. New bars, lounges, and areas for live entertainment were added to provide guests with an even more diverse experience. Furthermore, the Megapark began to establish itself as a venue for large festivals and concerts, further solidifying its reputation as a leading party destination.


2020s - Challenges and Innovation

The 2020s brought new challenges for the Megapark, particularly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Like many businesses in the entertainment industry, the MegaPark had to cope with temporary closures and operational restrictions. Nonetheless, the MegaPark managed to adapt and find innovative solutions to continue providing entertainment to its guests even during difficult times. Virtual events, livestreams, and special offers were introduced to maintain the connection with the audience.


The Future of MegaPark

Despite the challenges, the Megapark in Mallorca remains an integral part of the island's party culture. With its commitment to quality, diversity, and innovation, the MegaPark will continue to play a leading role in Mallorca's entertainment landscape and beyond. The history of the MegaPark is marked by countless unforgettable nights, music legends, and an atmosphere like no other. And this story will continue to be written in the years to come as the MegaPark continues to captivate generations of partygoers from around the world.

Our megapark currently
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In 2024, the Megapark was completely modernized and brought up to the latest technological standards. A specially crafted sound system with over 80 speakers was installed to offer an even better music experience. Additionally, the gigantic video cube was replaced with an even larger 360° video wall. More light and laser technology were incorporated for even more creative shows and impressive moments. Furthermore, new design elements now adorn the Megapark, and the VIP Lounge, renamed since 2023, with its Jacuzzi Area, has been completely renovated. Now, a giant tree in the midst of the Q-Lounge enhances the special location, with a view of the stage. Outside the Megapark, huge LED video columns now keep you up to date on the program.

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