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A job like a dream

Work in one of the most renowned event locations in Europe and
LIVE a time you will never forget. 

When talking about Mallorca, one usually mentions El Arenal, the party hub of the island. Playa de Palma is not only the number one destination for German tourists, but also the first thought when it comes to working abroad. One of the largest employers in Playa de Palma is the Megapark complex. With around 600-700 employees during the peak season, Megapark thrives amidst the daily crowds of people who want to visit the number one party temple. From waiters, bartenders, dancers, entertainers, to promoters and many other jobs, Megapark is one of Mallorca's most popular employers. Not only do the various jobs at Megapark promise constant good vibes, but also its location is a dream. Only 20 meters separate Megapark from the sea of the Spanish southern coast.

5 reasons for the Megapark
to work


the experience and your future 

Who wants to sit behind a desk in Mallorca and earn their living while the sun shines outside and the real action of the island unfolds on its beaches? Those who secure a position at Megapark not only see the sun every day, they become part of Megapark, part of a huge family, a part of the party, and one of the reasons why thousands of guests visit the party complex day after day. Working in one of Europe's largest hospitality businesses is an experience and an adventure at the same time. You get infected by the cheerful party crowd every day anew. A job for eternity? Perhaps, but for one or several summers, it's a workplace for adventurers and seasonal job lovers. However, for those trying to establish themselves in Mallorca, Megapark is the right place to be. With outstanding performance, commitment, and teamwork skills, Megapark promises rapid advancement opportunities and thus a future in Mallorca.

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